We use CNC turning machines, 2- and 3-axis lathes with driven tools, 4-axis lathe with Y-axis movement, and a vertical CNC lathe (carousel) to produce rotating parts. We expertly meet customers’ requirements with a broad and universal range of part sizes from 5 mm to 850 mm in diameter, and maximum turning lengths up to 2,000 mm.


Our ten CNC machining centres deliver a broad and universal range of products for customers, from our small and fast vertical centre to our 5-axis milling machine that easily handles 300 kg workpieces. We can mill components up to 2,000 mm long in a single position.


We focus on quality at the start, during and after every production cycle. Only strong and responsible companies can demonstrate the quality to ensure satisfaction and build trust with customers. As such, we make every effort to follow this approach. We want to be the resource our partners rely on with trust built on quality.


We regularly use reliable partners to provide blackening, galvanic zinc coating, nickel-zinc coating, chemical nickel coating, anodising, powder coating, phosphate coating, annealing, quenching and tempering, vacuum hardening, induction hardening, nitrocarburizing and plasma nitriding.

LOMAN s.r.o.
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